Artist Statement

My work revolves around ideas of healing and recuperation both as an individual and a community. I explore what it means to heal in the many nuances between the physical realignment of the body, the healing of the mind, and the restoration of the soul. Each healing process is unquestionably unique and personal, however, I am interested in finding the underlying threads that string together what it means to be made whole.

To think about these things I paint figures, mostly transparent and mostly incomplete, in need of restoration. I find that the glazes and transparencies simultaneously distinguish individuals and assert the overlapping masses as a singular body. Opacity becomes a part of my visual language as a signifier of alignment; the material presence of layering and coloring establishes bodies amidst ghosts. I am interested in the visual and literal reinforcement of a partitic being in harmony or, for that matter, disarray.

My work operates in conjunction with my personal interface of things that either contribute to or harm the holistic wellness of a human being. Some themes that have been explored are: ascribed identity, intrinsic memory, and an objective beauty.

Group Shows

"In Plato's Cave"-  University of Texas, Austin, TX 2019

"Halls + Walls" - University of Texas, Austin, TX 2020

"BFA Student Show"- Serving the People - online exhibition 2020

"Senior Exhibition" - University of Texas, Austin, TX 2021.

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